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Setting Time of Construction Gypsum, Dental Plaster, and White Orthodontic Gypsum

Imelda Darmawan ORCID logo, Octarina Willy, Johan Arief Budiman* ORCID logo


Background. Dental plaster, white orthodontic gypsum, and construction gypsum have a β-hemihydrate particle. Setting time is an important property of dental gypsum which can affect the strength of a material. The objective of this research was to compare construction gypsum, dental plaster, and white orthodontic gypsum’s initial and final setting time. Methods. This is an experimental laboratory study divided into 3 groups: construction gypsum (A), dental plaster (B), white orthodontic (C). Each group consisted of 10 samples. Gypsum manipulation was using 120 gr powder and 60 mL of water. Gypsum powder and water were mixed using gypsum mixer, 120 rpm. A homogeneous mixture was poured into a mold and setting time test was measured using Gillmore needle according to ASTM C266-03. The initial setting time test was measured using 113.4 grams and 2.12 mm needle. The final setting time test was measured using 453.6 grams and 1.06 mm needle. This test repeated until the needle fails to penetrate the gypsum’s surface. All data were analyzed with one way ANOVA and Post-Hoc-Tukey analysis (SPSS 23). Results. The average initial setting time for group A(10.39±1.19), B(16.17±1.40), and C(24.46±1.51). The average final setting time for group A(15.97±0.79), B(24.31±0.88), and C(33.37±0.66). One-way ANOVA and Post-Hoc-Tukey analysis showed significant differences in initial setting time and final setting time between three groups (p<0.05). Conclusions. There is a difference in setting time among dental plaster, white orthodontic, and construction gypsum. The construction gypsum’s setting time is suitable as a type II dental gypsum according to ADA No.25.
Keywords: Construction gypsum, Dental plaster, Final setting time, Initial setting time, White Orthodontic
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Submitted: 25 May 2020
Revision: 23 Jul 2020
Accepted: 24 Jul 2020
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